La Molisana Pizza Durum Wheat 1kg


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La Molisana Pizza Durum Wheat 1kg

Durum Wheat Semolina: perfect for pizza dough

Millers since 1910
We have been a milling family for four generations. We are among the highest experts in the selection of pale yellow durum wheat, with unique scents and high in protein content. Our signature is the stone debranning that gently purifies the grains keeping intact its original qualities. Our Mill that operates in Molise, 730 m above sea level in an uncontaminated region, has always preferred quality to quantity and adopt the soft and long milling method that does not break the grain but gradually grinds it through many intermediate steps. This process reduces production yield but it guarantees an intact, healthy and nutritious semolina, perfect for baking.

Our semolina
Our durum wheat semolina is strong (W > 350micron) rich in protein (>14%), with a high hydration capacity (> 70%) and a high quality and quantity of gluten, ideal for long proofing and for the production of pizza, crispy breads and buns, with an extensive sponginess.
During bread-making, a dense, elastic and resistant gluten shield is formed that retains the carbon dioxide released during fermentation and allow the dough to increase in volume while remaining compact, homogeneous and easy to work.